You can install from the maemo extras-devel repository: Sources are available from svn at the project page. The current package is built for OS2008. Both the N800 and N810 are supported, although some features may not be completely implemented for either device.


libglade2 is required. Make sure you have it installed on your device first.

wmctrl is not required but can be extremely useful for dealing with windows. A package built for the N800 is available here.


It is highly recommended that you are logged in via ssh when installing powerlaunch for the first time, so if something goes wrong, you can kill the program at any time. Warning: It is possible to edit the config file in such a way to make it impossible to close the program or make your device require a reflash!

The default install should be safe. Let me know if something is not working as you think it should.


The default config of the program tries to emulate the default systemui as closely as possible. So you shouldn't notice any extreme differences right after the install (if you do, it's a bug). But the real power comes in the customization which requires editing config files (no editor UI at the moment). See the documentation for more information.

If you make a customization that you find useful, please send it to me so I can incorporate it! Either prettier interface layouts or config files for dealing with a particular task would be welcome.