Powerlaunch was written for the Maemo platform. The current version is designed to replace mce and systemui and is much more customizable.

Powerlaunch is designed to allow the easy creation of new interfaces with event-driven handlers. Events such as user inputs like key presses or touchscreen events and system events like headphone state or battery level can be handled however the user wishes. A simple config file language is used to specify the desired response to events. In addition, there are different modes so the response to a particular event can be different depending on the current mode. There's an unlimited hierarchy and nesting of modes, so for example, you could map some arbitrary combination of keys like left,right,up,right,right to launch your favorite program.

The overarching goal is to put the user in control of the system interface.


These are some of the ways I can think of to use powerlaunch. I would welcome any ideas people have about their "ideal interface" whether it is currently possible with powerlaunch or not.


Here are some random screenshots.

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Mailing list

There's a new mailing list for discussing powerlaunch. Sign up here. Scripts or ideas for scripts are especially welcome.

Join the project

I'm looking for some people to help write powerlaunch scripts. You don't really need to be a programmer and all you need is an internet tablet and the ability to edit config files.


You can submit a bug or feature request via the project page or contact me.
Austin Che